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About order

How to order?
Order is easy!
Step 1. Select tractors
Select tractors you would like to buy from our stock list. If you would like more information and details, please contact us.
Step 2. Order tractors
Place your order by Product inquiry form, fax or email.
Step 3. Receive Proforma Invoice
After we accept your order, we email you Proforma Invoice.
Step 4. Make payment
Please make payment by T/T or L/C.
FOB price, etc.
Step 5. Loading & Shipping
After we make sure of your payment, we load a container with the tractors you ordered. We also email the photo of B/L in advance.
Step 6. Receive Documents
After shipping, we send you all the required documents such as original B/L &c., for the custom clearance by EMS.
Step 7. Arrival of tractors
Pick up the tractors at your port.
If you import from Japan for the first time and have no experience of customs procedures, we are willing to help you to have your container shipped safely through worldwide custom clearance agency network.
Safe even for beginners?
If you import from a foreign country for the first time and have no experience of customs procedure, we will cooperate will you to have your container shipped safely through our worldwide custom clearance agency network.

About payment

What is FOB and CIF?
FOB (Free On Board)
In regards to FOB contract, the exporter will take responsibility of all risks and costs of delivery of cargo up to the port and loading onto vessel . All other costs i.e Ocean freight charge, insurance fee, import tax, and customs charges at desitination port are the resposibility of the importer.

CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)
CIF contract , the exporter will be responsible of all cost of the delivery of cargos up to the destination port (incl Ocean freight and Insurance etc) All other costs that occur after unloading at destination port (i.e Import tax customs charge etc) are the responsibility of the importer. FOB and CIF
What are the payment terms?
You may pay by Letter of credit (L/C) or Telegraphic transfer (T/T).
What is L/C?
L/C is a document issued mostly by a financial institution, used primarily in trade finance, which usually provides an irrevocable payment undertaking. Almost all letter of credit are irrevocable, i.e. cannot be amended or cancelled without prior agreement of the beneficiary, the issuing bank and the confirming bank.
What is T/T?
T/T is the most common payment method that requires the use of cable or telegraph to remit money.

About shipping

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. We ship to all major ports worldwide.
When will the products I ordered arrive?
It depends on the country. If you would like to know the arrival date, we will check and inform you the shipping schedule such as the loading date, shipping date and arrival date.

About loading

How many units are loaded in one container?
The quantity depends on models. Normally, we load a 20ft container with about 8 to 10 tractors and a 40ft container with about 16 to 20 tractors.
What condition is the equipment loaded?
We load a container with the equipment after thorough inspection. The tires, rotaries and fragile parts are separated and loaded. If loading condition has some problems, please let us know, we will solve them immediately.

About products

Do you sell a single unit?
Yes. We sell even a single unit. However, even if how many units you order, our charges will be same.
What kind of information about products can we see?
You can see every detail of our products you would like on our web site. However about the year of manufacture, we cannot confirm it accurately. We can only advise the manufacturing period.
How is the condition of your products?
We are always trying to find products which are in the best condition. So, we are confident of our products. However all products are not perfect because we mainly deal in used products. In the case of products with defects we will give you a discount.
Do you supply spare parts continuously?
Yes. We sell not only used parts but also new parts. However, we might not be able to find older parts. Please let us know what parts you need, we will try to find them as much as possible.
Do you find the products we want if we cannot find them on this web site?
Yes. We will do our best to meet your requests. Please feel free to ask us anything. We also sell brand-new products.
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